Dennis Janson: Honoring two west side business owners who were skilled nobility in their craft

When a major business luminary is called to his or her eternal reward, our city traditionally offers glowing tributes to the deceased and civic condolences to their survivors. 
    Owing to the fact that Dan Brogan and Buck Kathman were small businessmen, their passing probably won’t elicit much in the way of a headline, let alone ones commensurate with their standing as men, sons, fathers, husbands and citizens. Which I suspect would be OK by them. They were not grandiose men, prone to boastful actions or words. They probably wouldn’t consider themselves all that praiseworthy, other than reveling in a “Greatest Grand-Dad” T-shirt or other lighthearted adornment.
    That is among the reasons I’m grateful for this forum to take note of those who otherwise might go far too gently into that good night.

Insiders can read what both men meant not only to Dennis Janson, but to generations of businessmen/

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