Dennis Janson: Happy 25th birthday to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse and thanks to Ted Gregory

  Happy birthday to the Gregory family on the occasion of the Montgomery Inn Boathouse’s 25 years in business.




















            Were Ted 'The Ribs King' Gregory alive to celebrate it, I’m certain he would have some views on Cincinnati subsidizing competitors at the Banks. Especially considering how the Boathouse launched in March 1988.




















            It was a bright, sunny day but still chilly with a stiff breeze coming off the river. So all the dignitaries, luminaries and assorted flunkies who gravitated to the legendary restaurateur were thankful for the large closed tent erected on the Eastern Avenue site, shielding attendees from the elements.   




















            As often happened in those days, I was delayed and arrived late for the ground breaking. Making my way to the ceremony, I happened upon Ted’s wife Matula and it was obvious she was not swept up in the excitement of the occasion.




















            “Hi, Mrs. Gregory, how are you?”




















            “Not too good Denny. Not good at all,” she offered.




















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