Jimmy Kimmel asks people which they prefer: Affordable Care Act or 'Obamacare?'

Which plan to repair America's healthcare system do you prefer: the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare?

This is what Jimmy Kimmel Live correspondents asked unsuspecting pedestrians Monday.

Apparently, not too many people on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles were aware that they are both the same thing as Kimmel explained to his audience.

Kimmel's crew found plenty of people who opposed Obamacare calling it "un-American" but approved the Affordable Care Act.

But it's not just people in Hollywood that are confused. A recent CNBC poll found that 46 percent of Americans oppose Obamacare but 37 percent oppose ACA.

According to Mediaite.com , this proves what pundits like Chuck Todd and others have been saying that the Obama Administration has made a mistake in embracing the "Obamacare" label as it politicizes something that should be above politics.

Watch the video here : http://bit.ly/15I820Y

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