Feel the burn! TapFit fitness mixer samples body-blasting workouts and healthy eats

CINCINNATI - Sample platters. Sample sales. Sample packs. But sample fitness? That’s exactly what guests at TapFit’s first fitness mixer got Wednesday night at Covington Arts.

Always on the hunt for a new, booty-kicking workout, I packed a gym bag and made my way to West 7th Street in Covington to attend the TapFit mixer, which doubled as a charity event for the YMCA.

What’s TapFit, you ask ? It’s a mobile app for iOS and Android phones that lets people enjoy pay-as-you-go fitness. Looking for a yoga class? TapFit will show you which nearby studios have open spots, and you can purchase and sign up for classes right on your mobile device. TapFit recently “graduated” from The Brandery, the startup incubator in Over-the-Rhine.

  • The TapFit’s mixer was so much more than a workout sampler, though.
  • I got to try Kind bars, all-natural, wholesome snack bars that serve as fuel for your big workout.
  • A local SwissJust representative was there, letting guests sample some of the healing essential oils and creams that are made to suppress every pain and ailment (I tried it on my sore knee and it felt amazing – my knee pain actually did subside for the workouts).
  • An employee from Daisy Mae’s Market displayed some locally grown fruits and vegetables. In short, fitness fans got to experience an evening of total well-being for both their minds and bodies.

Then the workout demonstrations began.

TRX – if you haven’t tried or heard of TRX, it looks a little something like this:

My first thought was, “Yeah, I could probably hurt myself on those things.” But Fit Philosophie trainer Jennifer made it look easy (and most importantly, safe). If you want to talk about a workout that’s going to whip you into shape fast and tone up those muscles like never before, TRX is right up your alley.

I’ve heard from various fitness instructors that body weight training is some of the best, most effective training you can do (seriously, if you can lift and lower yourself through pushups, those eight-pound dumbbells are going to be cinch), and this is body weight training to the max thanks to the incorporation of resistance from the bands.

Kickboxing – Our friends from the YMCA were up next to walk us through a speedy kickboxing session. I’ve done a few kickboxing classes and let me tell you, it doesn’t get easier. After a 15-minute session, we were all sweating like crazy! Kickboxing is fast paced, utilizes nearly every muscle in your body and is fantastic cardio. I’ve talked to many people who say their workouts are just too routine and boring; if you’ve ever thought the same thing mid-workout, I recommend you give kickboxing a try.

Yoga – I’ll preface this by saying that I love yoga. As an avid runner, I’m constantly dealing with sore muscles and an occasional shin splint. Practicing yoga has really helped me counter that, so I was excited to have Rachel from The Yoga Bar take the group through a quick demonstration. Yoga is a fantastic way to relieve stress, clear your worried thoughts, get toned, lean muscles and train your body and mind simultaneously. It’s not surprise that especially in the past few years, yoga has become increasingly popular.

Pilates – This is another one of those vastly popular workouts that will leave you sore but craving more the next day. A mix of balance, toning, cardio, body training and core work, Pilates is a truly a full-body workout. There’s this twisted sense of satisfaction I get when I wake up the morning after a good workout and feel my muscles ache in new places: that means I worked some new areas that were previously ignored. I was definitely feeling a burn in my arms Thursday morning, and I can thank our Pilates instructor Cydney, from Core A Movement Studio for that!

No matter what kind of workout or classes guests at Wednesday’s event preferred, there was a little something for everyone at TapFit’s mixer. Between the workouts and the food and getting to meet some awesome local studio owners, we at #9Fitness got some new ideas for Tweet-ups we can’t wait to share with you. Follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #9Fitness to stay up-to-speed on our upcoming events!

Plus, you can always share your questions, fitness stories and news with me on Twitter, @jennyfromthebak .

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