Doh! Cincinnatians count down the 9 most infamous moments in Cincinnati sports history

CINCINNATI - From fights to falls, from the “blame game” to bashing that city up north, Cincinnati has a colorful sports history of moments that made our jaws drop – at least a little bit.

On Wednesday, Brandon Phillips lashed out at a reporter who commented on his sagging on-base percentage. That got us thinking about other some infamous times in Cincinnati sports. We asked our Facebook fans to sound off on the top sports fails, and they took a trip down memory lane to resurface some of those big moments.

Here are the top 9 infamous Cincinnati sports moments:

1. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Cincinnati resident who doesn’t, at the very least, vaguely remember this moment. Most will cringe, shake their heads and curse the Pittsburgh Steelers the second you mention it. We’re talking about Carson Palmer’s devastating knee injury in the 2005 Wild Card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was labeled a “dirty hit” and breathed new life into the Bengals-Steelers rivalry. If you can stomach watching it again...

2. Remember this? Of course ya do! How could you forget the fight that not only topped the ESPN headlines but also got the Crosstown Shootout’s name changed to the “Crosstown Classic.” Watch the UC-XU brawl all over again.

3. The year was 1990, and the Bengals game got a little rowdy. Head coach Sam Wyche was fed up, took the mic, and chastised the crowd for throwing litter onto the field while managing to bash Cleveland at the same time. Bengals fans sure remember Wyche's "You don't live in Cleveland!" exclamation.

4. A cameraman was in the Reds clubhouse on September 17, 1992 and witnessed a brawl between reliever Rob Dibble and manager Lou Piniella. The video contains very strong language, so we'll only post the link here. 

5. It’s considered one of the worst injuries in Super Bowl history, and as luck would have it, it happened to the Bengals: nose tackle Tim Krumrie’s broken leg in Super Bowl XXIII.

6. You don’t want to see Pete Rose when he’s angry. Dave Pallone found out the hard way on April 30, 1988.  A vehement disagreement over a call turned physical and got Rose expelled from the game, fined $10,000 and suspended for 30 days.

7. The announcers called it “one of the worst opening pitches I’ve ever seen.” And the pitcher was Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, on Reds Opening Day in 2007. Relive the groan-worthy moment:

8. Cincinnati Reds fans were left speechless quite a few times when former owner Marge Schott spoke out: first in 1993 when she made a series of racist and anti-Semitic remarks  and then again in 1996 when she voiced her feelings regarding Adolf Hitler to ESPN.

9. Call it a major “Cincinnati problem.” The 1996 Reds Opening Day game – a Cincinnati holiday, in short – was called when umpire John McSherry suffered a massive heart attack and died on the field . It was rated number one on ESPN’s list of most memorable opening day moments. Marge Schott's comments did little to soften the blow.


We just couldn’t leave this one off the list, and our Facebook fan, Gerri, described it best:

“This is perhaps baseball's best-known lifetime ban — if only because Pete Rose makes sure we don't forget about him. Managing the Cincinnati Reds after years starring for them, Pete Rose was booted from the game in 1989 for gambling on baseball. He's made four bids for reinstatement, all denied, eventually coming clean about his misdeeds in 2004 (with a tell-all book and publicity tour, of course.) Still, baseball's all-time hits king remains out of baseball and out of the Hall of Fame.”

Who will EVER forget that?

Let's chat, sports fans - what are some other moments you think should have made this list? Connect with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak and let's see what other sports fails we can remember!

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