An ominous Halloween forecast has social media screaming

CINCINNATI - When you think about Halloween, you probably think about tasty treats, spooky sights, cute costumes and excited children who can’t wait to rake in their loot.

But rain and storms? Those elements aren’t exactly in the picture-perfect All Hallow’s Eve festivities.

Unfortunately, the forecast for Thursday’s Trick or Treating isn’t looking ideal, and a few cities and neighborhoods have opted to move Trick or Treating times to Friday or Saturday.

Parents and neighbors were sounding off all day on the decision to move Halloween events – whether or not their areas changed Trick or Treating times, it certainly was a hot topic today!

Many folks were in favor of moving Trick or Treat times...









While others wanted to preserve the sanctity of October 31 and refused to let weather deter them...









Where do you stand on this debate: should trick-or-treating be delayed when weather comes up, or should it stay on All Hallow's Eve regardless?

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