A Papal hangout, the Bitstrips backlash & a tricky Halloween forecast in the digital week in review

CINCINNATI - This week's digital review features a little bit of romance, a lot of online screaming and an eye-pleasing change to your Twitter feed. Let's recap what happened in the digital arena this week!

A TwitPic revolution. Tweeters were pleasantly surprised to see some photo changes on the social platform starting Oct. 29. Whereas users previously had to click a link in a tweet for photos to appear, the new design prominently features expanded photos. It’s pretty eye-catching, and @WCPO’s Twitter followers told us they like the change.

What the heck is a Bitstrip? Facebook users may have been scratching their heads this week when these little cartoons, known as Bitstrips, started popping up in their news feeds and on their friends’ profiles.

They’re the butt of many a social media joke and hate-fueled tweet. We reviewed Bitstrips this week, sprinkling in a bit of snark with our serious analysis; take a look and tell us what you think about the cartoon posts.

A modern-day love story. It’s the classic tale: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy proposes to girl – all on Instagram.

Call it “The Notebook,” for our app-centered generation: Elizabeth Wisdom and Denis LaFargue met on Instagram and their romance blossomed from there. You’ll just have to read the story for yourself in this BuzzFeed article.

Weather tricks on Halloween. The threat of strong winds and heavy rains forced many Tri-State communities to consider postponing Trick-or-Treating. Of course, emotions ran high on social media (candy is a tense topic, people). Regardless of whether our social media followers were for or against moving Halloween festivities, they shared their thoughts with us all Thursday. Take a look for yourself to see what your neighbors were saying.

The Onion's take on online dating. If the profiles of people you see on online dating sites all seem pretty routine, that's because they probably are. Or at least, that's what a new satirical piece from The Onion claims. Could she be any more well-rounded? Also, notice the Cincinnati tie-in: we sure got a chuckle out of this one and hope you do too!

Viral video? These two are for the record books. First, the Ohio State marching band performed a series of formations that seemed nothing short of miraculous. Then, a cute kid decided to hang out with Pope Francis--in front of thousands of people. Both these videos had us glued to YouTube.

BONUS: The I-Team investigates Exif data in your digital photos. This is must-read for anyone who uploads photos from their smartphones to the Internet. Did you know your pictures contain hidden information, called Exif data, that is being used to track you? Brendan Keefe looked into it this week and shares tips on how you can protect yourself.

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