With which Valentine's Day candy do you identify?

Love-themed treats are big money for businesses

Many candy hearts are produced each year and this year is no exception with 8 billion.That’s enough to stretch from Italy to Arizona and back 20 times.

Valentine’s Day is the fourth biggest holiday for confectionery purchases, behind Halloween, Easter and Christmas. It is intended to honor the Valentine of Rome, a priest who was executed for his actions against the Roman Empire. He was buried on Feb. 14.

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From heart-shaped cards to singing cards, an estimated 145 million will be bought this year, according to the Greeting Card Association. It is second only to Christmas.

Other facts:

- 69 percent of Americans prefer chocolate to flowers (31 percent) on Valentine’s Day, according to a National Confectioners Association survey of 1,3335 adults.

- Each year, at least 10 new conversation heart sayings are introduced.

- Millions of people purchase Valentine’s Day presents for their pets.

Purchasing candy for the holiday? Find out the candy with which you best identify:

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