Video: Pistons fan challenges usher to dance off

DETROIT - People went to the Detroit Pistons vs. New York Knicks game Tuesday to see some basketball, and they got a surprise show for their money: a dance-off between an usher and a young fan.

Pistons fan Antwain Alexander, 11, was at the game, and had been trying his hardest to get the dance cam on him all night, his father told ABC News.

When it finally focused on him, he showed off his stuff.

The camera then went to Shannon Sailes, a 46-year-old NBA usher famous for his dance cam moves.

But Alexander wasn't done dancing. Through the dance cam, he challenged Sailes to a dance-off, and they were off.

"He was, like, doing his moves and everything, and then they went back to me and I stood up and I said, 'Come on!'" said Alexander.

Sailes said it was the first time he's ever challenged a fan to a dance-off.

"He was talking my crowd," said Sailes. "So it was time for me to step up. This is my house, you know."

A clip of the two dancing was posted to YouTube, where it's been viewed more than 2 million times.

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