'Tara the Hero Cat' gets Facebook fan page, memes after saving Bakersfield boy from dog attack

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The world loves Tara, the famous cat that saved a 4-year-old boy in California from a dog attack.  And now, they can formally "like" her as well.

In a now-famous YouTube video, the family house cat is seen saving Jeremy Triantafilo from a neighbor's guard dog. The dog bit the boy's leg, pulling him off his bike, and dragged him down the driveway.

That video went viral, receiving 17 million views (and counting), partially because cats are typically believed to be afraid of dogs and also because they're believed to be, well, selfish jerks.

But it's the bond between the boy and his cat touched the hearts of people across the world.

The video of Tara scaring off the dog has made its way from the local news in Bakersfield, California to media outlets in France, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Greece, Brazil, Japan and more or less every other corner of the globe.

ABC News interviewed the family about the attack, their son's condition and, of course, Tara's heroic actions.

“To have her, with no regard for her own life, fly at the dog to protect him… I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Jeremy’s mother, Erica Triantafilo.

Even Jeremy chimed in, exclaiming the family pet is nothing short of a "hero!" he said.

But now, Tara's superfans can get more her in their Facebook feed. Some loyalists have gone so far as to create an official fan page in the feline's honor. It has a little more than 23,000 "likes" as of Saturday night.

There are even competing "imposter" pages.

Tara's actions have also inspired in humorous edited photos called memes, including on Ryan Gosling's T-shirt  and intervening in the recent attack on Jay-Z by Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles.

Some creative types have also Photoshopped regular household cats doing such as battling Godzilla and donning the famed mask of the Capped Crusader.

The ferocious furball will even get the chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a game for the Bakersfield Blaze, a minor league affiliate of the Reds.

So, what was your reaction?

Watch the video of Tara the cat and let us know, does she deserve her the 15 minutes of e-fame?

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