Tampa woman being tailgated whips out her iPhone, records unexpected ending

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla - A Tampa woman's iPhone video captured a man tailgating her and crashing his truck after he cut her off.

The video dubbed "instant karma" has garnered more than 800,000 views and is making its way around the web.

The incident happened Monday afternoon on U.S. 41.

The woman spoke to reporters but asked that her name not be broadcast or made public. Instead, she is going by her YouTube username, Florida Driver.

See the video

"That's what you get, all on video buddy," you can hear her say while laughing in the video.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers arrested the driver, Jeffrey White, 33, of Tampa and charged him with leaving the scene of a crash.

"He kept spinning his wheels but couldn't get out," Florida Driver said.

She added that one of White's friends came with a tow chain to get him out and that he fled before law enforcement officers arrived.

The video shows he took out a light pole owned by the Florida Department of Transportation and caused extensive damage to the grassy median.

As he drove off, Florida Driver said she drove up and took a picture of his tag.

She gave that picture to police and they arrested him Wednesday.

White has since bonded out.

Reporters went to White's home but no one answered the door.

Florida Driver said she was not ready for this video to go viral. She only put it online to show coworkers, she said. Now she has received more than 5,000 messages in her YouTube inbox about it.

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