Family discovers black widow spider in bag of grapes from Kroger

DETROIT -- One family got more than they bargained for when they brought home a bag of grapes from a local grocery store.

A Detroit area woman bought a bag of grapes from Kroger and found a black widow spider inside.

Her 20-year-old son first noticed a web and then saw the spider as he enjoyed the usually healthy snack.

They put the spider in a jar and called Kroger.

Kroger released the following statement on Wednesday:

"Kroger is obviously concerned about the well being of our customers. We  are extremely grateful no one was harmed in this incident. We recognize the customers reached out to our store team. The store team addressed their concerns with the customer. Kroger works extensively with our growers to insure there are inspection processes points in place to make sure we are providing safe and quality food at all times. We also encourage customers to practice safe food handling if this is ever a concern to contact your local Kroger store."

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