Loveland School District officials cancel class for middle school students over bomb threat email

Loveland PD asks FBI for help tracing email

LOVELAND, Ohio -- Class was canceled Thursday for Loveland Middle School students after a bomb threat was emailed to administrators.

Loveland School District officials made the decision after 11 a.m.

Officials said that while the school was searched and nothing was found, they decided to cancel class and let students go home if their parents picked them up.

Students whose parents were unable to pick them up will remain at the Elementary/Primary schools until normal dismissal time.

All evening activities at Loveland Middle School were also canceled.

Officials said classes would return to normal Friday with an increased police presence.

The bomb threat was first reported to police at about 7 a.m. District officials said the students were taken to the Loveland Primary and Elementary schools.

Superintendent Chad Hilliker said the threat was emailed to an administrator at the middle school.

The administrators immediately organized an evacuation and called police.

“We were concerned for the safety of the students and our staff,” Hilliker said.

Police said a school resource officer was already at the scene and worked with administrators to coordinate the evacuation.

"First priority of business was to keep everybody safe, make sure the children were safe. Make sure they were bused to a safe location where they could be taken care of and/or reunited with parents if that was the case,” Loveland Police Chief Tim Sabransky said.

Hilliker said 1,400 students were evacuated during the incident.

"This is very out of the ordinary for our school. We have great students, great parents and a wonderful community. I know our board of education, they support the work that we do here, and they would want nothing more than our students to be safe and our faculty to be safe. They're all informed about what's going on and, you know, we take safety very seriously here at our school,” Hilliker said.

District officials said all students and staff are safe. Parents are welcome to pick up their students at the elementary and primary schools.

“Our administrators did an awesome job. Our faculty were right on it, they were right down there ready to help out -- our teachers were out there helping out. Everyone did a great job today of solving problems as they happened,” Hilliker said.

Meanwhile, Loveland police K-9 units were called to the Middle and Intermediate schools to conduct a search.

Several police cars and K-9 units could be seen outside of Loveland Middle School while police searched the building. No bomb squad or SWAT vehicles were at the scene.

9 On Your Side’s Kendall Herold said the dogs were taken back to their vehicles by about 9:45 a.m.

Hilliker said there was no specific threat aside from the timing of the threat.

Police said the threat was about a paragraph in length and tone was written in a way that made investigators think it was credible. The Loveland Police Department said it has reached to the FBI for assistance in the investigation.

"I've been in contact with the FBI and with our part of the JTTF -- the Joint Terrorism Task Force -- because they have all those technical resources that we don't have. So I've already reached out to them and will have them look at the email, analyze the email and try and determine where it came from," Sabransky said.

Some parents told 9 On Your Side’s Kendall Herold that they received incomplete text alerts from Loveland Schools during the incident. The parents told Herold that some of the text from the alerts was missing.

School officials said, “Our email alerts went out in full, we did experience some issues with partial texts on the text alerts and I will be working with our vendor to resolve that issue.”

All other schools in the district are operating as normal.

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