Warren County judge rules Boy Scouts sex suit allowed to proceed

A Warren County judge ruled Monday the Boy Scouts of America can be sued by a former scout who says he was sexually abused by a scoutmaster.

Judge James Flannery overruled the Boy Scouts’ motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Thomas Abner, 25, who claims he was sexually abused more than 300 times over a 3 1/3 year period in the 90s by his scoutmaster, Scott Woodard, according to Today’s Pulse.

The suit claims the Boy Scouts failed to disclose that scoutmasters were sexually abusing boys.

"Boy Scouts of America has known that for decades and did not disclose that to scouting families," lawyer Konrad Kircher said Friday.

Kircher said Judge Flannery's ruling now clears the way for Abner's lawyers to begin gathering information.

Carolyn Taggart, the lawyer representing the Boy Scouts, could not be reached for comment, according to Today’s Pulse.

Abner says there were two incidents while he was on vacation with Woodard's family at Kings Island in Warren County.

Woodard is now deceased.

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