Mason City Schools takes to Twitter for town hall meeting with parents

MASON, Ohio -- Parents in the Mason school district attended a town hall meeting Thursday, but no one gathered in one designated place.

The school district took to Twitter for their town hall meeting, using the social media platform to discuss plans.

The district's goal, parents learned through Twitter, is to get $32 million from the state of Ohio. Much of the money will be spent at Mason Middle School. Through tweets, parents gave their input on the project, and sent questions to spokeswoman Tracy Carson.

"We know that sometimes it's hard for busy moms busy community members who are working to get to a meeting during the day, or even at night," Carson said. "This is an opportunity for them to stay connected to tell us what they think at a time and place that works for them right on their phone."

A follower's tweet suggested that the district create a campus with all of the schools in one location.

Dr. Gale Kist-Kline, superintendent, said of the $32 million, more than $30 million would be spent on the middle school.

"One of the main areas that the commission has identified is a new HVAC system, but when you add a new HVAC, then you have to do the ceiling and the lighting and the electrical so all of that would occur," Kist-Kline said.

A portion of the funds, the district forecasts, would be used to expand the Mason Early Childhood Center, and phase out Western Row Elementary School, because enrollment is tapering off.

"Our enrollment numbers will be about 10,000," Kist-Kline said. "We're at about 10,500 right now, but what we see is that the younger grades, that's where the lowers numbers are which is why we can off-line an elementary school"

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