Recent string of ride-related malfunctions at Kings Island not stopping customers

MASON, Ohio – Despite malfunctions at various parts of the amusement park in the past month, many customers say they’re not discouraged from heading back to Kings Island.

The first issue came on June 2, when 18 people were exposed to thick smoke on the park’s indoor roller coaster Flight of Fear. Officials said a motor connected to the ride malfunctioned.

On June 14, fire crews responded to the same coaster after smoke was detected coming from an electrical panel outside the building that houses Flight of Fear.

The most recent issue: Multiple major rides at the park came to a standstill Saturday due to a power outage that lasted several hours.

But customer Patrick Engel said he isn't worried.

“At King's Island, they're pretty safe and they know what they're talking about,” Engel said. “They have a lot of checklists they have to go through. I always feel very safe there."

No one has been hurt in the four incidents this month at Kings Island, and officials said they kept the park open later Saturday to accommodate guests stuck in long lines.

Customer Parker Ginn, who was at the park when smoke temporarily closed Flight of Fear, also said he is not hesitant to return.

"I mean roller coasters are just machines. They break down. They get fixed,” Ginn said. “I wasn't scared at all.”

But Kings Island hasn’t been without its negative feedback.

Facebook user Lenny Kedanis told WCPO Sunday he will not return to the park.

“Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance,” Kedanis said. “If you're raising your park entrance prices, don't just stick it in your pocket. Invest in your park maintenance or you'll lose what you have."

Park management said guests were immediately and safely unloaded from "the few rides that were affected” by Saturday’s outage and power was back for the entire park by 11 p.m.

Flight of Fear is open to the public and running normally, officials said.

WCPO's Jason Law contributed to this report.

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