Lebanon mom, newly adopted son return home after months in Ukraine crisis

LEBANON, Ohio -- A mother and her newly adopted son made it home to the Tri-State at about midnight Friday after two months spent in Ukraine's turmoil.

Tracy Snyder waited with her new son, 15-year-old Vitaliy, until the fire in Ukraine burned out and the violence came to a calm. They were kept in Kaniv, a town two hours north of Kiev, where the protests took over.

Snyder made the trip to Ukraine in January while her family waited back home in Lebanon. Snyder's travel was no quick trip, as she got caught in the middle of an international crisis.

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Her husband, Butch Snyder, along with three biological children, and three adopted from Korea waited impatiently while Tracy and Vitaliy endured exciting, terrifying times overseas, with a front row seat to an uprising that almost caused a war.

"It would just escalate and escalate and escalate and there was a time where I was almost thinking she just needs to get out. She just needs to get out," Butch Snyder said.

"The worst point was when she (Tracy) chatted with me one night and said that she couldn't talk, not because the internet reception over there was bad, but because it had just gotten so bad over there that they were telling people, 'Just got to your hotel, close the door, close the blinds, close the curtains, and just stay in' and that's pretty scary."

The husband and father would finally relax when his wife and son touched down safely on American soil, and his family can reunite in the Tri-State.

"She saw basically everything that is displayed on the news, but in real life," Butch said. "There's been some scary times, there's been some confusing times, but we try to be at peace with it."

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