Teen tells cops he hit an elderly man and left him in the street

FRANKLIN, Ohio -- The fate of a teenager will be decided by police and a prosecutor after he admitted to a hit and run in Franklin Wednesday morning.

The teen turned himself into police and told officers he hit a man as he crossed the street, and drove away Tuesday night.

As reported by Journal-News, 72-year-old Gerald Retherford was crossing Fourth Street near Franklin High School at about 9:15 p.m. after a high school basketball game. He was hit by the teen, and left to lie in the street.

Some passersby found Retherford shortly after, and called for help.

"We're across from the high school. Somebody got hit by a car, it's a pedestrian," a witness said on a 911 call.

Retherford's son, Dan, said Wednesday that his father is a caring man who loves to play with his grandchildren.

"From what I know, he's got a concussion, some contusions, his whole eye is shut, swollen, completely shut black and blue," Dan said.

He was furious when he first learned what happened to his father.

"Just the fact that someone left the scene and he was still laying in the middle of the road and could have been ran over again," he said.

Retherford recovers at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown.

Police said the teen could face a first degree misdemeanor charge for leaving the scene, but if Retherford's injuries are severe, the charge could increase to a felony.

"Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, especially if someone is injured without tending aid to that person," Chief Russ Whitman of the Franklin Police Department said. "17-year-old kids tend to mistakes, but for him to come in and admit to his wrongdoing we have to honor that, I mean that's exactly what should have taken place after he makes a mistake."

Dan shared the compassion for the teen.

"I don't want anyone to have to live life with something like that hanging over him, so hopefully they learn a lesson and be a good lesson for everybody," he said.


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