Deadly Waynesville intersection had $1 million in safety improvements

WAYNESVILLE, Ohio - The intersection where a married Indiana couple died Tuesday has a deadly past.

"We had seven or eight fatalities in a one-year period in '96-97 (along Route 73)," Warren County Engineer Neil Tunison said Wednesday.

So the county and communities along Rt. 73 focused on four main intersections that needed overhauling.

The county spent more than $1 million to try to make it safer at Rt. 73 and Township Line Road, where Tuesday's accident happened.

They raised the Rt. 73  11 feet to increase visibility.

"It Improved it quite a bit, but it's still pretty dangerous," said Tim Huber, who lives nearby.

But Huber's wife Vickie says the county went too far when it removed double yellow caution lights and replaced them with double stop signs on Township Line Road.

"They made it less dangerous, but when they removed the light, we feel that they removed the warning for people coming down Rt. 73," she said.

Police say a Leesburg, Ohio, woman caused Tuesday's deadly accident because she didn't stop at the signs.

She could face vehicular homicide charges.

While Warren County built the project, it belongs to the Ohio Department of Transportation. If residents want a traffic light, they have to petition the state, Tunison said.

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