Driving lessons end with crash into Popeyes Chicken in Woodlawn

Two people hurt

CINCINNATI -- Driving lessons between a mother and daughter Wednesday ended with their vehicle striking a Popeyes Chicken restaurant in Woodlawn during rush hour.

Officials said the 17-year-old lost control of a black Chevrolet sedan and crashed into the drive-thru portion of the building in 10600 block of Springfield Pike at about 5:45 p.m.

"I would not pick rush hour to teach someone to drive a vehicle that doesn't have any experience at all," Woodlwan Police Sgt. Kevin Sorrells said.

The car hit the building hard and buckled the exterior brick, but investigators said the building is structurally okay.

"Looks like the whole right front tire is in the building," the restaurant manager told a dispatcher during a call to 911.

The teen's mother suffered an ankle injury and was taken to an area hospital. A drive-thru employee was also shaken up, police said.

Authorities said the teen does not have a driver's permit and charges are pending.


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