U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear Ryan Widmer appeal

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio – The United States Supreme Court denied a request by Ryan Widmer’s attorney for justices to hear an appeal of Widmer’s 2011 conviction for killing his wife.

Widmer was sentenced to 15 years to life in jail for drowning his wife, Sarah, in the couple’s bathtub in 2008. The conviction came after two prior trials in the case.

A jury found Widmer guilty of killing his wife in his first trial. That decision was overturned due to juror misconduct. A second trial ended in a hung jury.

Prior to Monday’s Supreme Court decision, Widmer lost four appeals in Ohio’s Court of Appeals involving his current conviction.

In an attempt to get a fourth trial, Widmer’s attorneys argued that DNA evidence omitted from the three previous trials and circumstances surrounding the main investigator might exonerate him before a jury.

"It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court didn't accept Ryan's case, but the denial speaks nothing at all to the merits. So this isn't a step backwards. The Supreme Court reviews thousands of petitions and only selects a small number that involve issues that the Court believes need clarified for the entire country. We will now pursue Ryan's federal habeas petition to the US District Court, which is an appeal that we will fire in February addressing the issues presented in the Supreme Court petition," said Michele Berry Godsey, Ryan Widmer's attorney.

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