University of Cincinnati student Katie Roberts launches petition to improve campus safety

CINCINNATI - A University of Cincinnati student has started a petition because she says she doesn't feel safe on campus.

Katie Roberts, a senior, says she wants the university to improve safety and crack down on crime.

Roberts says she started a petition at because she feels the student body is not being heard when it comes to safety issues.

Roberts says she is very concerned about what she calls an overwhelming number of public safety e-mails and text messages.

Just last month Cincinnati police released surveillance video of two people stealing a UC student's purse.

In November 2012,  former police chief James Craig recommended that UC’s campus become more closed off to the public.

Roberts says she knew there was crime on campus when she came to Cincinnati three years ago, but she feels more unsafe during the day than she did when she got here.

Roberts has a few suggestions for the university.

"One of the main ones is learning self defense. Also, lighting by bus stops; it’s kind of scary,"

Another UC student, Audrey Behrman, isn’t as worried as Roberts. 

"Within reasonable hours I think it is safe. Using common sense is really all you need," Behrman said.

The petition has been active for a day and 100 students have signed on.

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