Tri-State residents react to Affordable Care Act rolling into effect

CINCINNATI -- The Affordable Care Act becomes official Tuesday, but the controversy surrounding it continues.

The new law affects millions of Americans including many in the Tri-State.

Cincinnti resident Marjorie Mosley said she’s been waiting for the moment where she can sign up for health care.

“I could not afford COBRA it was extremely I am excited this is getting ready to happen,” said Mosley.

Mosley has been unemployed since January and without health insurance but that all will change Tuesday.

“It's a chance to build my relationship back with my's not like I have to go find someone new that I don't have a relationship with,” said Mosley.

Approximately 40 million other Americans without health insurance will also have benefits because of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act which was signed into law in March of 2010.

“Twenty-six thousand Americans every year for lack of health insurance so this is a huge day for those people who have suffered through that long last their will be some quality affordable options for them,” said Trey Daly, Ohio State Director for Enroll America.

The non-profit group is helping residents around the state to sign up for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

“It's not the way America was founded it's not what makes us great,” said Northern Kentucky resident Marcus Carey.

MaCarey, a local attorney and editor of the conservative blog Bluegrass Bulletin, doesn't support the healthcare act.

“Ordering people to do things and telling people how you are going to do them and letting the government control them never worked,” said Carey.

Mosley, however, said she’s glad help is available for those who would otherwise be forced to used the emergency as their doctors office.

“Those who them refuse to get health insurance can now go into the marketplace…46 companies to negotiate with… I think it's exciting,” said Mosley.

The public has from Oct. 1 to Dec. 15 to sign up for health insurance to start on Jan. 1.

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