The Cincinnati SPCA gets dozens of calls about pets left out in the cold

CINCINNATI -- The temperatures in the region have drastically dropped, but the calls to the Cincinnati SPCA have risen, coming in by the dozens.

Pets are being left outside in the frigid cold temperatures, and concerned callers are letting officials know about it.

Officers of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals started working the Tri-State roads early Monday morning, and will continue into the night, according to WCPO reporter Bryce Anslinger. They're working to answer the frequency of reports that animals are being kept in brutal, unsafe conditions.

As of Monday afternoon, about 40 people had contacted the SPCA, alerting officials about a neighbor who had left his pet out in the cold. Those complaints went to an officer who was dispatched to check the condition of the animal, and where it was being kept. Food, water and shelter are a must, and a suffering animal will be confiscated.

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SPCA President Harold Dates said most pet owners are complied with orders to bring dogs inside.

While no law that says pets must be kept inside, there is a law that prohibits pets from being kept outdoors without proper shelter - a solid roof and dry bedding. 

"It's best to keep them inside where you can provide them with good food and water and the warmth they need when it's minus three to minus 12," Dates said.

Until warmer weather returns, these SPCA workers expect to be hard at work, making sure animals are taken care of.

"A dog can go out sporadically, to go to the bathroom, that's understandable," Dates said. "But you can't leave them out without proper shelter and without considering food and water when it's minus three to minus 12."

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