Rattle, rattle, rattle, crash, bang, boom; Pothole season is upon us

CINCINNATI – The freeze-thaw cycle creates them. They, in turn, create crunched car suspensions.

‘Tis the season for potholes and the city crews responsible for clearing our snowy streets are now responsible for fixing them.

That, much like the time spent cleaning city streets, might mean overtime.

Last year the city fixed 2,500 potholes and this year they have no doubt they will surpass that number. As of Wednesday, Feb. 19 there were 423 active requests to fill reported potholes.

On Wednesday, the director of Public Services for Cincinnati updated council leaders that his crews would be out starting March 3 for their annual pothole blitz with 20 employees and 10 to 12 trucks to clean up those streets

Many drivers have already paid for those potholes as the ice and snow thaws on city streets.

Car repair shops across Greater Cincinnati are busy fixing busted cars after they were damaged by large bumps in the road.

Those fixes can cost you anywhere from $80 to $300.

"We're talking about suspension, rims and tires, wheel bearings,” said Gary Heflin with Courtesy Automotive. “If they do hit a pothole and have a blow out, or hit one really hard, they do need to get an alignment check on the car."

Many times drivers have little recourse to recoup those repair bills. Their best option, according to the Cincinnati solicitor's office, is to contact the Department of Public Services and provide specific information about a pothole, damaged car, and insurance information.

If the pothole was reported, the city might have to cover at least part of the bill.

Drivers in Cincinnati can report a pothole by 513-591-6000. Residents can also file a report at 5916000.com as well. A report a pothole app can also be downloaded for Android and iPhones .

In Kentucky, drivers can call 1-800-PATCH-IT.

For more information and numbers to call read John Matarese's piece on potholes .

If a pothole has been reported and a driver has an issue, that driver can make a claim to the city.

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