Police see spike in burglaries of Northern Kentucky homes

INDEPENDENCE, Ky. -- Police issued a warning to people living in Kenton County about a string of burglaries that are happening at all hours of the day.

On Friday, 9 On Your Side reporter Bryce Anslinger talked with Kenton County officers. They said there have been 16 home burglaries in October alone, and several dozen have taken place in the area over the last few months.

UPDATE: Two arrested in connection to string of Northern Kentucky burglaries

The burglaries, according to police, have happened at no particular time of day. Rather, most of the recent crimes have been committed during the day at vacant properties. One theft happened just as a new homeowner was ready to move in.

"People may think these are vacant homes, and there really isn't a victim. There is, and there is a really big impact to a lot of people. This guy is buying his first house and what should be a good experience turned into something pretty disappointing for him," Det. Andrew Schierberg said.

The thieves are breaking into homes to steal copper piping, appliances or any other metal they can sell to feed their drug habits, police said.

"It wouldn't be out of live to say over 90 percent of our burglaries are heroin related," Schierberg said.

Police advise Kenton County residents who live near foreclosed homes, or those up for sale, to be extremely vigilant.

"As police officers we would much respond to a call where a neighbor has said something doesn't look right that is going on at this house, to find out that it's nothing, versus not getting the call and finding out a few days later that the house was broken into," Schierberg said.

Break-ins are at their highest during summer months, police said. With the number continuing to climb, police are asking for help from the public. Anyone with information on the recent Kenton County home burglaries is asked to call the Kenton County Police Department at (859) 392-1940.

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