Parents protest, say firing Clermont County principal Glenda Green is a mistake

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio -- The superintendent of the Clermont Northeastern Local School District says firing a principal had to be done, but parents and students believe he made a mistake.

Principal Glenda Green was let go Monday, prompting protests from concerned parents outside Clermont Northeastern Elementary School.

"It's the end of the school year," parent Debbie Berling said. "There's some major testing going on. The students love her, and we would like some support at the board meeting tonight to show our support for Glenda Green."

Parents hoped to get answers at Monday's board meeting, where superintendent Ralph Shell said a drop in grades over the past few years led him to remove Green from her job.

He offered Green a position as the high school's dean of students through the end of the school year, because he felt in that role, the falling scores wouldn't follow her through the rest of her career.

Shell assumed the parents who protested Monday were unaware of the grades, but he planned to present the data at the board meeting.

"If you look at the Ohio Department of Education report card for Clermont Northeastern Elementary School ... 2010 it was excellent, 2011 it was continuous improvement, last year with the new grading system, it dropped all the way to an overall F," Shell said. "If you look at the report card, the nine
indicators, 6 are F's, one is a C, one is a D, one is an A."

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