Ohio's State Medical Board suspends license of Mason spine surgeon Dr. Atiq Durrani

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Dr. Atiq Durrani, a spine surgeon out of Mason may no longer practice in Ohio following the State Medical Board of Ohio's decision made Wednesday.

Secretary of the board J. Craig Stafford released several documents pertaining to the suspension, including a letter to Durrani.

"You are advised that continued practice after receipts of this Order shall be considered practicing without a certificate, in violation of Section 4731.41, Ohio Revised Code," the letter said.

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In moving forward to suspend Durrani from practice, the Board considered and reviewed allegations.

The Entry of Order stated, "Dr. Durrani's continued practice presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public."

Leading up to the consideration of his certificate, Durrani was indicted on multiple charges of health care fraud . He was accused of making false diagnoses and performing or attempting unnecessary surgeries on ten patients.

The Ohio board also included in their Notice of Summary Suspension to Durrani that he had left blank prescription papers with his signature on them, to be used when he was out of the country. Durrani, according to the charges distributed oxycodone for uses outside his professional practice.

Durrani was offered a hearing from the Ohio board, which if he chooses, will take place on a later date.


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