'Miles Ahead': Extras & others wanted for film starring Don Cheadle

CINCINNATI -- Have you been bit by the acting bug?

A movie starring Academy Award winner Don Cheadle is set to film in the Queen City and those interested in working on or appearing in the film now have the chance to apply.

"Miles Ahead," a major motion picture about the iconic jazz star Miles Davis, will begin filming this summer. Along with Cheadle, Zoe Saldana and Ewan McGregor will star in the movie.

Cheadle will play Miles Davis and will also direct the film that he co-wrote.

Those interested in playing extras, helping run equipment on the set, or who have a vintage car they'd be willing to have used in the film can apply starting this week.

Positions available:

  • Extras
  • Jazz musicians
  • Union crew
  • Non-union crew

To apply online, CLICK HERE.

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