Man pleads guilty after he claimed ownership of Springdale house, sentenced to 7 months behind bars

SPRINGDALE, Ohio -- A man who pleaded guilty to breaking and entering after he claimed ownership of a family's house while they were away on vacation was sentenced Monday to seven months behind bars.

Robert Carr let himself inside a Springdale house while the family was out of town and changed the locks on the residence. When the family found Carr, he told them they had abandoned the house and that he was the new owner.

Carr said he had a "quiet title," which allowed him to claim the house as his own. Further, Carr felt the family had given up their rights to ownership.

Police saw the situation differently than Carr, and charged him with breaking and entering and theft. As part of his plea, the court agreed to drop three counts of theft and three other counts of breaking and entering.

During Carr's sentencing, he was denied a change of plea and a change of attorney. He has already spent 110 days in jail which will count toward his seven month sentence.

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