Make your Thanksgiving feast guilt-free, then burn extra calories during Black Friday shopping

CINCINNATI -- As Americans gather around the table on Thanksgiving Day, many will indulge in about 3,000 calories of turkey and all the trimmings.

Burning off that feast would take a 25-mile walk!

WCPO's Carol Williams talked to a health expert who said cutting Thanksgiving calories starts first thing in the morning - by eating breakfast. The morning meal will help you feel full so you don't overindulge later in the day.

Other ways to avoid overeating at Thanksgiving dinner include filling up on protein before the big meal, controlling portion sizes and dressings, being picky when it comes to side dishes and choosing between alcohol and dessert.  

An average breakdown of Thanksgiving dishes shows a 4-ounce serving of turkey contains 150 calories. If you choose green bean casserole, you'll likely eat 300 calories. A serving of sweet potato casserole has about 150 calories, and a serving of stuffing with dressing has 300 calories.

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Burning off calories from Thanksgiving dinner can be sped up while shopping on Black Friday, according to Mary Beth Knight of Cincinnati's Revolution Fitness.

Knight said even though you might wake up feeling sluggish from turkey's tryptophan, as little as 10 minutes of exercise first thing Friday morning can help. She recommended doing 10 activities for one minute each, which can range from toe taps on your staircase to squats in your living room. Pushups, planks, lunges and hamstring bridges are other great ways to get fired up for bargain hunting.

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Nothing makes you cranky like dehydration and low blood sugar, Knight said, which means a healthy breakfast on Black Friday and taking snacks with you are a must. A breakfast of high fiber and fruit will keep you full for hours, then taking a protein bar, almonds or an apple with you can satisfy your hunger when the afternoon rolls around.

If you must hit the food court, Knight said it's best to drink a calorie-free beverage and pair it with a salad with chicken. If you go for the pizza, the slices are often large enough to share with a friend.

While going from store to store, sneaking in simple activities will speed up the calorie-burning process. First, make several trips to your car and back, Knight said. The walk to the car will give you a breath of fresh air and an increase in energy.



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