Lashawn Pettus-Brown: Basketball player who bilked city out of $184K gets more time to repay it

CINCINNATI - The former pro basketball player who scammed the city out of $184,000 now has another week to repay the money.

Lashawn Pettus-Brown took city money to rebuild the Empire Theatre in Over-the-Rhine. But he spent it on himself.

After WCPO’s I-team discovered it was a scam, Pettus-Brown went to prison and broke parole to play basketball in japan.

Now he's facing 12 years in prison.
Brown has repaid only $1,500 but he tried to convince a judge that he's good for the rest of the  money.

“Your honor, I have no reason to run from the City of Cincinnati again. My mother is here, my family is here, and the situation has been hard enough as it is," Pettus-Brown told Judge Ethna Cooper on Thursday.

Brown said he is about to sell a movie  made by his company, and that he can repay all the money in six months or less.

The judge said she has her doubts but gave him another week to pay as much as he can before she decides whether or not to send him back to prison.

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