Northern Kentucky residents raise concern about dangerous intersection where young mom was killed

EDGEWOOD, Ky. -- Residents have raised concerns about a busy Edgewood intersection after a fatal accident last week.

9 On Your Side witnessed several drivers attempt left turns out of the Waffle House service road and into oncoming traffic on Madison Pike. It's a dangerous move, but right now, it's also a perfectly legal one.

It's the same turn 25-year-old Kathleen Reinzan was making Thursday when she was hit by a school bus and killed, just past Dudley Road.

“It’s a very difficult intersection to get out of, particularly at rush hour. Especially trying to cross the southbound lanes to make that turn to Northbound," said Kenton County Police Detective Andrew Schierberg.

Northern Kentucky residents, including Reinzan's family, are pushing for something to be done.

“That intersection, they need to make it where nobody can turn left out of there or something so somebody else doesn’t have to suffer the same tragedy I am," said Reinzan's mother, Lisa Perrin.

Kenton County police tell 9 On Your Side there has been an increased amount of accidents at the new intersection due to recent developments in the area.

"Anytime you have new development there’s always new challenges when it comes to traffic and sometimes it takes some time to, for the plan to come together, to find out exactly what needs to be put into place," said Schierberg.

In the meantime, Reinzan's family is struggling to pay for the young mother's funeral, and trying to explain to four young children why their mother isn't coming home.

“I want to give her the proper funeral that she deserves. No mother should have to bury their child, and it has completely devastated me. But I’ve got to stay strong for my grandbabies who need me now more than they ever did before," said Perrin.

A Good Samaritan has donated a funeral plot and headstone to Reinzan's family but they are still in need of $4,000 to pay for her funeral.

“My daughter was a very loving and caring mother. She would give the shirt off her back to anybody that needed it. She’s a good kid," said Perrin.

The Kathleen Ross Reinzan Memorial Fund has been set up at local Fifth Third Banks. Donations will go towards Reinzan's funeral and to help raise her four children.

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