Living in Covington: On the cusp of turning 200, The Cov is 'alive and ripe with opportunity'

COVINGTON, Ky. - Editor's Note: Readers may have noticed that our regular feature, "Meet the Mayor," was missing for a few months. We put the series on hiatus, reworked it, and now are pleased to bring you "Living In..." in its place each Wednesday.

Covington, Ky.

County: Kenton

Population: 40,000

Founded: 1815

Mayor: Sherry Carran

According to Carran, the city of Covington is alive and focused on what matters most. 

"The opposite of the cookie cutter, strip mall city, Covington is real, raw and refined. Our city is rich in character and we’re home to many great characters. We’re welcoming and accessible, optimistic with a sense of humor. It matters that we have the courage and dedication to advance a long-term vision."

WCPO Insiders can read why one Covington resident believes "The Cov" is the place to be.

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