Jared Murray, former Holmes High School band director, accused of inappropriate texting

Murray's lawyers calling investigation a 'scandal'

COVINGTON, Ky. -- A former Covington high school band director who was suspended this month is accused of sending 104 inappropriate texts to a female student, according to police records.

Former Holmes High School Band Director Jared Murray was suspended with pay Friday, Sept. 6 after someone reported to the Covington Independent School District central office that he was engaged in inappropriate texting, high profile attorney Eric Deters said.

Attorney Chris Roach is representing Murray until Deters’ suspension in Kentucky is lifted on Nov. 10.  Roach was Deters’ co-counsel in the Sarah Jones case against thedirty.com.

Sitting with his attorney Monday, Murray defended his reputation to radio host Bill Cunningham.

"Most of (the texts) had to do with band-related activities, but I also allow myself to be a second father figure to a lot of the students,” Murray said. “It’s so I can tell them if they need any kind of help for anything, just let me know and I'll always be there for them."

According to court documents, Murray stated he was told this month allegations against him could take 14 days to investigate. During the investigation, Murray was ordered not to have any contact with students, attend any band competitions or step foot on school grounds.

“I received a call from the personnel director to say that they've finished their investigation and wanted to meet that afternoon to discuss findings with me," Murray said on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

Murray said he was then told that his contract would be terminated immediately. Murray was also told he could resign and the termination would not go into his file, according to the documents.

The stipulations for his termination were alleged inappropriate texts and a failure to complete required training in a timely manner, Murray said.

Murray claims he was trying to find a training date that matched his schedule and that the personnel director was aware of that.

“Murray is innocent of any and all crimes,” Deters’ office said Friday. “(He) is being defamed by a false accuser, members of the Covington School system and members of the general public pertaining to this matter.”

Murray’s lawyers said he is willing and able to cooperate with any investigation.

Deters’ office is calling the case against Murray a “scandal” and say it involves his accuser, the mother of his accuser and a member of the Covington School District.

“The student (Murray) believes is involved in this has a long history of bad behavior,” Murray’s lawyers said.

Murray said he thinks the student’s mother motivated the allegations against him. He said she wanted her daughter out of band and he encouraged the girl to stay.

"I wish (they had) come to me and as an individual first to clear this up," Murray said.

Murray’s lawyers added that they will sue the Covington School District and are planning to go on the legal offensive.

"As I told everybody, I gotta’ look out for me, my wife and my family…I just gotta’ clear my name,” Murray said Monday.

Covington Police Department officials say they are conducting an investigation and cannot comment on the matter.

Kenton County commonwealth attorney Rob Sanders must now decide whether the text messages in question are in fact criminal. He may also send evidence to a grand jury to decide.

Murray’s lawyers say if charges are filed, they anticipate it to involve unlawful transaction with a minor.

The Covington Independent School District is also not commenting.

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