Ex-Covington finance director Robert Due attempted suicide Thursday afternoon, city manager says

COVINGTON, Ky. --  Former Covington Finance Director Robert Due attempted suicide Thursday, according to City Manager Larry Klein.

Klein said he was called Thursday afternoon by authorities and was told about the incident. No other details were released.

Covington City Commissioners unanimously voted to fire Due, 63, at a board meeting Tuesday night at Covington City Hall.

Due was suspended indefinitely last week from his position while investigators look into the possible misappropriation of more than $300,000 in city funds.

Klein told 9 On Your Side "this is a terrible time" for Due's family and "we certainly hope he will recover."

Due is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed medical facility.

Due allegedly took funds during a three-year period beginning in 2010, according to Klein.

Klein said Covington officials were advised by city staff last week that there were alleged "significant improprieties related to the use of city funds" after they discovered irregularities in the processing of checks and funds.

On Friday, Aug. 23, Due was suspended indefinitely while officials investigated the allegations.

The city says it will try to get back the money it accuses Due of taking.

Due was arraigned by a Kenton County judge on Monday and had his bond reduced to $10,000.

Last week, Klein appointed the finance department's accounting and operations manager, Jerome Heist, as interim finance director. The move was formally approved by the city board of commissioners during the special meeting Tuesday evening.

Covington's annual audit for 2012-13 is scheduled to begin in the near future.

Due had served as the city's finance director since 1999.

The case remains under investigation.

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