Devou Park: Replacing retaining walls after March mudslide expected to cost $2 million

City Commission to vote on the bid Tuesday

COVINGTON, Ky. – The main entrance to Devou Park could be reopened by the end of the year if the Covington City Commission votes Tuesday to approve a nearly $2 million bid for replacing three retaining walls that collapsed in March.

Great Lakes Construction Company bid $1,985,000 for the project. Work would take about 160 days.

The project includes:

> Replacing about 400 feet of wall on Devou Drive and 450 feet on Western Avenue.
> Replacing a collapsed stone sewer pipe above Western Avenue.

The Sanitation District will pay nearly $70,000 for the sewer work.

Mud and trees spilled downhill onto Devou Drive (formerly N. Park Road) and Western Avenue on March 13 when 70-year-old walls gave way. 

Asked if the new walls would last 70 years, city engineer Mike Yeager said, "They're definitely designed for today's standards. They'll have a useful life like everything else."

The wall on Western Avenue will be weighed down with bedrock.

"It's going to look a lot different," Yeager said.

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