Covington Police Chief Spike Jones thanks officer, community for courage during Latonia standoff

COVINGTON, Ky. – For 20 hours residents along Michigan Avenue in Latonia were  hostages in their own homes, sitting without electricity or gas, fearful for their safety as police bravely engaged an Army veteran.

Two days after the incident, as Michael Vaughan was being treated at University of Cincinnati Medical Center for a bullet wound and receiving a mental evaluation, Covington Police Chief Spike Jones thanks officers and residents for their courage during the event.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the men and women of the Covington police department,” Jones said in a Youtube video. “I also want to thank the greater Covington community for their service to our community this past weekend.”

Vaughan shot at Covington police officers when they arrived at his home at about 5 p.m. Saturday after dispatch received a call stating the veteran posted disturbing messages on his Facebook page. That page has since been suspended on the social media site.

In the thank you video, Jones commends his officers for their “commitment to preserve and honor the oath we all took when we became members of the Covington police family.”

That oath involves the principles of integrity, professional, justice and compassion, Jones states.

“These are values we live every day,” Jones said. “This past weekend we saw the greater community come together and live these values with us.”

The stand off situation ended a few hours after Vaughan released his children to police, set his house on fire and exchanged one final volley of gunshots with police before being wounded and surrendering on Sunday.

He currently faces one count of attempted murder of a police officer. Jones said other charges were expected to follow. Vaughan is also receiving a mental evaluation for possible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Watch the full Youtube thank you video here.

Tap here to view Spike Jones’ thank you.


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