Indiana mother charged with providing, using illegal drugs with kids

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. -- A Dearborn County mother faces a number of charges for allegedly having illegal drugs in her home, providing them to and using them with kids.

Karin Hildebrand of Lawrenceburg kept pain pills, marijuana and materials used to make marijuana at her home in the 600 block of Saint Clair Street, all while her 9-year-old son and her 15-year-old daughter were home, according to Sgt. Kendle Davis of the Greendale Police Department.

Police received information on March 4 from the mother of a 15-year-old boy, who said he was at Hildebrand's home with some friends when she supplied marijuana to a few teens and had smoked it with them.

The concerned mother told Davis that when she asked her son about the incident, he wouldn't say much. The mother said she heard about Hidebrand's actions from another parent, whose daughter overheard students at Lawrenceburg High School bragging about the drug use.

The teen later told his mom that he was in the living room of Hildebrand's home, and that he went into the kitchen to find her setting a table. Seated at the table were several other teens smoking marijuana through a rolled up paper, in the shape of a cigarette. The teen said he joined the other kids, and smoked the marijuana along with Hildebrand. He said the marijuana was at the home before he got there, and he believed Hildebrand had rolled it for the kids to use.

Davis reached the mother of one of the other teens, and the teen confessed to the marijuana use during an interview with police. He said he and a group of kids under age 15 sat around the kitchen table, and passed the rolled marijuana around, each smoking it. 

The teen told police the marijuana was stored in a cookie jar near the dining room of Hildebrand's home. He said Hildebrand had a friend over at the time, but he was unsure of who it was. He said they left the house, and stayed out overnight. He left the home early the next morning, before Hildebrand and her friend returned home.

According to both teens, they smoked marijuana with Hildebrand between February 22 - March 1.

During a March 11 investigation, Det. Nicholas Beetz found tobacco, marijuana seeds and stems, twisted and burnt ends of rolling papers, an empty wrapper for cigar rolling papers, cigar rolling paper and clear plastic cellophane with a melted edge in her outdoor trash dumpster. Another search on March 18 revealed additional drug materials had been thrown out.

On March 20, police carried out a search warrant at Hildebrand's home. Officers found crushed Lortab pills she had snorted from a plate, and another pill in her purse. She told officers she had purchased the pills with no prescription a few days prior.

More pain pills, marijuana and drug manufacturing tools were found in various locations inside Hildebrand's home, including her bedroom and computer stand.

Officers observed the drugs in Hildebrand's home were easily accessible to her children. She told officers that she and her kids slept in the same room, and the children often used the computer area, where officers found marijuana materials.

Hildebrand's charges include felony possession of controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school, legend drug possession, nuisance, possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of neglect. She faces misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession and two counts of contributing to a minor.

Hildebrand was taken to the Dearborn County Jail, and her kids were taken to be with their biological father.




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