Hundreds come to talk streetcar at town hall meeting

CINCINNATI -- Hundreds of people attended a town hall meeting downtown Monday night regarding the streetcar project, where they said they're willing to do whatever it takes to keep the streetcar on track.

"We can all agree it's a lot of money thrown down the drain if we cancel the streetcar," supporter Ryan Messer said.

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He is among many of others who formed a grassroots group. Together, it works to educate the public on the downfalls of canceling the streetcar, and what consequences Cincinnati could face.

"We need the development," Messer said. "We are not developed, we have over 300 buildings that are vacant."

He said Over-the-Rhine still has a lot of opportunity to grow.

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Catherine Stehlin owns a business on Race Street across from Washington Park. She too wants the streetcar to stay.

"There has been a lot of momentum so far," she said. "To stop the momentum now would really hurt any future development."

However, Vice Mayor Elect David Mann sees why it's okay for the streetcar to stop.

"The fact a particular pot of money can only be used for, let's say the streetcar, doesn't mean we can't find other pots of money that would help us work on alternative transportation modes," he said.

Even though Mayor John Cranley wants to stop the streetcar, a vote Monday morning from the current council committee voted to finish the first phase of the project.

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