Learn tips to live healthy with diabetes, maintain wellness

CINCINNATI -- During Diabetes Awareness Month, Mercy Health is holding classes where those with diabetes can learn tips for living healthy and maintaining wellness.

Mercy has five locations around Cincinnati taking part in the education program. Those interested in attending classes can visit Mercy Health at Anderson Hospital, Clermont Hospital, Fairfield Hospital, West Hospital and Mercy Health at the Jewish Hospital. To sign up for classes, or to get more information from Mercy's Diabetes Educators, visit Mercy Health online .

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Nanette Bentley, spokeswoman for Mercy said the classes should educate, support and help patients manage their diabetes and live healthy each day.

Some topics the classes will cover include nutrition, monitoring blood pressure, medicines and remedies, behavior, exercise and fitness and preventing the complications that diabetes can cause. Bentley said patients can also get help setting personal goals at the classes.

Before attending class, Bentley advises patients to make sure insurance will cover the cost of the Diabetes Self-Medication Training. Mercy offers financial help on an individual basis, if needed.

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