Rookwood Commons dog attacks: Two people bitten by dogs at Norwood shopping center

NORWOOD, Ohio -- A pair of dogs have terrorized a popular shopping center in Norwood for the second time in a matter of months.

The most recent attack occurred early Thursday evening near Rookwood Commons and Pavilion. Police were called to the scene when one shopper was attacked. A second person was bitten while officers were attempting to get the dogs inside their cruisers.

"When we arrived we were notified by the security guard the that dogs were running through the lot still. We chased the dogs and they would not get in our cruisers. We lost them and they bit another shopper," said Lt. Ronald Murphy.


Murphy said this wasn't the first time the dogs had attacked shoppers at Rookwood Pavilion. The same dogs attacked at least one shopper in February.

The dogs' owner, whose name was not released, was charged with two counts of dogs at large, two counts of failure to register a dog and two counts of vicious dogs for this most recent attack. It's unclear if the dogs' owner was charged for the first attack.

The dogs are being quarantined at their home for 10 days to ensure they do not have rabies, according to Norwood police.

The victims were not seriously hurt.

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