Police: Lockdown lifted at Lockland Elementary School

LOCKLAND, Ohio – Lockland Elementary School was open and normal after Tuesday's lockdown that was the result of police receiving a report of a male suspect with a gun on school grounds.

At about 4:15 p.m., police received a 911 call of a person armed with a firearm inside the school.

"I am calling from Lockland Elementary School. One of my Girl Scout leaders thinks she saw someone walk into our building with a gun," said the caller.

That report initiated a response from Lockland police and surrounding agencies to search for the suspect, officials said.

The school was placed on lockdown while officers surrounded the building. Nearly 40 people, including students, staff and a Girl Scout troop, were told to stay in their rooms while officers searched for a suspect.

"During the course of the search we removed several people who were students and staff of the school, however, no suspect was located," said Lt. Terrance Wilkerson.

Police said during a press conference they initially received reports that the subject had a handgun and was possibly a student, but officers did not locate a suspect or a weapon on the premises.

School was out of session when the incident occurred and no one was injured, police say.

The scare happened just one day after a shooting at a middle school in Nevada where a teacher was killed and two students injured.

"It got a lot of press but it wasn't like Sandy Hook....I am afraid that school violence has to be something really big before people have those conversations. It was just a teacher and two students, it can't be anybody," said Superintendent Matt Bishop.

School officials said they were open as usual on Wednesday, but with an increased police presence as a precaution.

"We have always felt very very safe there so I really didn't have any fear, no...I knew who was in the building would be taken care of," said Lockland Middle School employee Brenda Wagers.

“You do drills and you hope that when something like that happens, everything falls into place,” Bishop said. “But it's hard to predict every incident that will be the same. So what we're going to do is look at what happened, and talk to as many staff members as possible, and learn from it, and adapt, and what can we predict the next time to maybe do a better job."

The incident remains under investigation.

9 On Your Side will update this story when more information becomes available.

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