Green Township Dillard's shoppers say they witnessed possible sexual assault


GREEN TWP., Ohio – Shoppers outside of a Green Township Dillard’s say they witnessed what appeared to be a sexual assault in the parking lot Monday.

Diane, who witnessed the incident outside the store on 6290 Glenway Avenue, said she called 911 after she saw a young man hit a teen girl and force her into his car. Diane asked that WCPO not use her last name.

She then said she saw the man throw the teen on the ground and get on top of her. The teen's thigh was visible, Diane said. She added that she was trying to get the man to stop by honking her horn at him.

Once the two stood up, Diane said she saw the man pull up his pants and the woman adjusting her belt.

When the man ran away, Diane said she asked the young woman if she was okay – to which she responded she was fine and didn’t want to talk to police.

She then drove away in a car with Kentucky plates, Diane said.

Barb Donnellon, another witness at the scene, said she saw the teen girl come out from under a car and run into a wooded area.

“The guy took off on foot. I did not see him leave because he was on the other side of the car,” Donnellon said. “She did come out from the woods. We did find out she was 17 years old, had scratches on her face."

Green Township police said officers couldn’t investigate this incident because a police report was not filed.

When officers arrived to the scene, the teen told them she was okay and nothing happened.

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