Fairfield schools discuss e-learning, alternative schooling

FAIRFIELD, Ohio – Fairfield City Schools is considering creating its own alternative and e-school programs to retain students it feels it is losing to other educational services.

Board of Education members began discussing a new Fairfield academy in detail during a work session last week. The academy would consist of an alternative school with a maximum 120 students, along with a school for online learning, as reported by the Journal-News.

Participating students would receive a Fairfield High School diploma, superintendent Paul Otto told the newspaper.

“We lose a high number of students every year — I would say every month — to e-schools,” Otten said. “Some (students) come to school and they just find that it’s not a great fit for them and they want to find a different setting … they leave and take classes through an online school. We lose a great deal of money by losing those students. This would allow us the opportunity to try and gain some of those students back.”

The district loses about $1.6 million each year to community schools and e-schools, and “it’s growing every year,” said Treasurer Nancy Lane.

For more details about the plan, and when the Academy may become a reality, visit the Journal-News .

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