Dispatcher leads new dad through delivery of surprise child

CLEVES, Ohio -- A new father in Cleves will remember his first call to 911 for the rest of his life, after a dispatcher walked him through a special moment.

One of the toughest and most rewarding nights of his life, Ryan Braun called when his wife's water broke.

The couple had no idea they were pregnant.

Braun's cry for help was answered by Hamilton County 911 dispatcher Jamie Mason.

"A lot of times callers just don't know what to do," Mason said.

"My wife is in labor," Braun told Mason over the phone.

Four minutes into the call, the baby was ready to meet his new parents. You can listen to parts of the call in the video player above.

"It's a boy!" Braun said.

Braun's joy, fear and adrenaline wiped away much of what he remembers from his call to Mason -- and delivering his new baby boy.

"Bits and pieces. I remember the baby in my arms, that's about all I remember," Braun said.

Mason has seven kids of her own, and visited the Braun family at Good Samaritan Hospital Wednesday. She's pleased with Braun's bravery.

"He did amazing," she said. "He did absolutely amazing."

Braun is thankful he had Mason's help.

"Having her help me calmed me down, and that's the best word for it," Braun said. "It was calming. It was soothing to have somebody there to walk me through it."

As for the surprise of it all, Ryan's wife explained in a post on WCPO's Facebook page  why the couple didn't know they should be expecting: I have always had irregular periods and with my first I also had periods for most of that pregnancy. I found out at 6 months with her and only because she was very crazy in there and my periods finally stopped. With this one I had a period even up to 3 days before I delivered. I also have a tilted uterus and it's also very thin so I wouldn't feel anything if the baby isn't very active. Every pregnancy is different, if you had kids you would know that. I had no symptoms the whole time and also worked an 8 hr shift on my feet the day I gave birth while I was in labor which felt like period cramps....

The Braun family credits their experience of a lifetime for helping them choose their new addition's name.

"We were trying to find a name and we looked online and couldn't find anything," Braun said. "I said 'how about Mason?'"

Mason Charles Braun.


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