'You are a city of creators' writes Boca owner David Falk in his love letter to Cincinnati

He even loves the chili!

CINCINNATI -- We all express love in different ways, but chef David Falk prefers the timeless, pouring your heart out to a piece of paper kind of way -- a love letter. 

Chef Falk, owner of the Boca  Restaurant Group, now has three delectable restaurants shoulder-to-shoulder on 6th Street in the heart of downtown -- Boca, Nada and Sotto.

Falk couldn't contain his love for the Queen City any longer, so he decided to write a love letter to "express gratitude for a city that has embraced me and my team, I want nothing more than to embrace it back," he said.

The article begins with Falk describing history and culture, then describes the type of Cincinnati he hoped to find upon his return.
"I start to see our future together, imagining what our lives will look like. Will we continue to grow together? Will you always look this good?" writes Falk, whimsically noting Cincinnati's rise over the past years. 
Falk mentions that Cincinnati is "a city of creators" and that the great restaurants here wouldn't exist without the tireless ones who "believe in visions of  visionaries."
Falk was raised in Cincinnati, attending Summit Country Day School and later graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. He left his beloved city to study the ways of the world from Chicago to Rome to Florence, and then found himself back to the heart of it all -- Cincinnati.
"Cincinnati, you and I both grew and changed while I was away. You are courageous; a romantic pioneer. I think I realized just how far you had come one night this summer, our city park ablaze with lights, lights that took an army of tech engineers to achieve, lights as a gift to your many lovers, 35,000 of them squeezed together in celebration," the letter reads.

Chef Falk proves that he is the Queen City's No. 1 fan by professing his love for one specific, overly talked about Cincinnati delight --  the chili.

"When I left, Cincinnati's food scene was largely uninspired. Although, I must admit, I've always been intoxicated by your controversial chili. This strange Greek concoction maligned by some, fiercely defended by others, nursed me through so many hangovers (and contributed to a few)."

Falk has a 'BPA' policy for employees in his restaurants -- blow people away. Falk has made it known that his guests always come first.
"The bend in the river always reminds me of the smiles of my guests as they leave my restaurants. I smile back knowing that sometimes a smile says enough."

Speaking for the city, with open arms -- we love you too, David. 

To read the full love letter, click here

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