Circumstances surrounding shooting of teen in South Fairmount not adding up

CINCINNATI – The story of a 13-year-old boy shot in the stomach during an attempted robbery in South Fairmount Sunday is not adding up.

That is the stance of  a relative of the boy recovering from surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Monday.

According to the teenager, he was shot in the 3100 block of Beekman Street where Cincinnati police found him stooped over in the rain at about 10:30 p.m.

“The information we’ve got so far is he was approached by a light skinned male black and apparently it was an attempted robbery,” said John Dotson, a detective with Cincinnati Police District 3.

The relative, who wished to withhold her identity to protect herself, does not believe that story.

“I believe he was shot in the house and carried outside and left in the rain like a dog,” the relative said.

Specifically, the relative pointed out a red brick house on Beekman. Why the teen was inside the house, or who might have shot him, remained unclear. The relative did not believe the story of a simple robbery though.

Dotson agreed that the initial story given by the teen is flimsy.

“There’s a lot of holes,” he said. “There’s very little evidence to support that, and it suggests something else happened.”

The time and day also raised broader concerns for the relative as well.

“Why are these kids allowed to run all over the streets up here at night?”

Police made no arrests in the incident and nothing was taken during the robbery attempt.


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