Eastern Corridor project: Some Newtown residents fighting four-lane highway

NEWTOWN, Ohio - Residents say a major road project that would build a four-lane highway through Newtown would be the end of their town.

The Newtown Community Partnership Committee is holding a town hall meeting Wednesday night hoping to convince residents to sign a petition against the plan.

Signs all over the village say, “Stop the Eastern Corridor Highway” and those who oppose it hope to get their message out.

They are holding a meeting at Miami Valley Christian School hoping those who want to save the village sign on the dotted line.

The Newtown Community Partnership Committee is asking residents to attend this meeting and sign that petition against the plan and to let the Hamilton County Transportation Improvement District board, the Ohio Department of Transportation and state and federal legislators know they don't want it.

This group apparently even has the support of the police chief, who does not believe the project will improve safety, ease traffic congestion or have a positive impact on the village of Newtown.

Supporters say the proposed Eastern Corridor will improve travel and access to downtown Cincinnati by upgrading and relocating roads, adding a rail, transit and more bus services, and adding more bikeways and walking paths.

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