Five indicted in attack on prosecutor Joe Deters' son

CINCINNATI – A grand jury has indicted four adults and a juvenile accused of a racially-motivated attack on the son of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters downtown during Taste of Cincinnati weekend.

Matthew Johnson Jr., 23, received a secured $250,000 bond and Joshua McCoy, 21, got a secured $150,000 bond at arraignment Thursday.

Onea Lapsley, 22, and Yahdea Brown, 19, were arraigned Friday. Lapsley received a $250,000 bond and Brown was given a $150,000 bond.

A 17-year-old male is also facing charges once a juvenile court judge decides whether or not the teen will be tried as an adult. He was kept in detention until his next court date, July 26.

The indictment charges them with single felony counts of felonious assault, aggravated riot and ethnic Intimidation as well as two misdemeanor counts of assault. 

McCoy and Johnson were arrested Tuesday night. The others were taken into custody Wednesday.

Jonathan Deters, 23, was walking his sister to her car when the group leaving the Taste of Cincinnati attacked him in May, Joe Deters said. The sister got away unharmed.

Jonathan Deters' girlfriend was punched in the incident when she tried to help him.

Deters said African-American witnesses told police the four adults and teenager could be heard yelling "effe you, white boy" as they stomped him.

"I mean, he was attacked because of the color of his skin," Deters said. "It's totally disgusting."

Deters said he has prosecuted cases of racially motivated crimes before and that the attack on his son was no different.

The adults face 10 1/2 years if convicted.

"I hope they get all of it," Deters said. "They are just a bunch of trash."

An earlier report stated Jonathan Deters was with his girlfriend downtown around midnight after attending the annual Cincinnati event when the attack occurred.

Because the case involved Joe Deters’ son, a special prosecutor, Daniel J. Breyer, was assigned to the case by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Deters said his son is doing better physically, but he's more concerned about his son's emotional state.

"His concussion cleared up," Deters said. "I think it's more of... I don't know how you ever get by emotionally when you get attacked like that. But he's a pretty tough kid. I think he'll be OK after a while."

The prosecutor said the Taste of Cincinnati had no connection with the attack.

"It's just a large congregation of people," he said. "It's infrequent, but we still have assaults downtown."

The attack began a troubling trend of high profile cases of violence downtown.

In July, Joshua Taylor was fatally shot by Fonte Williams near Garfield Place. Williams is also accused of shooting three other people the day after the shooting death in the same place .

Overall though, statistics show Cincinnati homicide are on pace to match last year, and violent crime in the city is actually down.

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